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Ever stopped to think of your body as the one thing, the only thing that will be with you from the beginning to the end? Nothing else is going to get you to the next step, the next year and somehow we keep putting it under stress - sitting and slouching all day, those great 'let's mould into the hips with the belly hanging' poses, not even talking about the pressure we put on our spines. Our Workstations are often inhospitable to our bodies, and yes, we know we are doing it, but no, we don't always pay attention.

When therapy is required, our team will assess your lifestyle, and workstyle, to ascertain how to prevent existing and future pain and discomfort. The correct posture and muscle strength is essential to give your organs maximum performance and guard against negative geriatric conditions.

So, sit up straight, pull that tummy in and stand tall. This is what you do ...

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post op rehab
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