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Our bodies are designed to serve us through a long and healthy life but sometimes they need a helping hand. Our day-to-day busy lifestyles can however sometimes result in poor posture, unnecessary stress and dysfunctional habits without us even knowing it.

The Sanskrit word yoga means 'union' and the purpose of movement based yoga practise is to bring together the mind and body as one connected force.

Yoga isn't just about deep relaxation and settling our nervous system, the poses we do in a yoga class can have huge physical benefits, which include:

Strength: Well-aligned postures and sequences of yoga movement can mean using our body weight in an efficient way, working the muscles at the very centre of our core resulting in toning and core strength. Strong muscles do more than look good. They can also protect us from conditions like arthritis and back pain.

Flexibility: Strength can sometimes limit the movement available to muscles and yoga routines are designed to nourish and extend those muscle fibres leading to new movements and lessened aches and pains.

Balance: By paying attention to our movement we can control our fluidity and grace which stimulates our nervous system

Strength, flexibility and balance can complement all other sports and activities, resulting in fewer injuries and improvements in our daily movement - whether that’s bending down to pick something up you have dropped or avoiding back pain while standing on the bus for a length of time.

If you want to experience the benefits for yourself, our yoga teacher Lucy teaches a small Hatha yoga class on Monday evenings at 6.15pm.

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