Your 3 tips to reduce work related pain and injuries in your office

Micro breaks, exercises and optimal set-up …  Your 3 tips to reduce work related pain and injuries in your office.
Do you suffer from work related pain or an injury?

Work related pain and injuries are common place.  Our physiotherapists regularly treat problems such as postural neck and shoulder pain; mechanical lower back pain and work related upper limb disorders (commonly known as repetitive strain injuries).  Issues such as prolonged sitting and poor work habits can contribute to the onset of these problems.  You can change these!

What can you do to reduce the risk of experiencing these problems?

  • Change your position regularly

The majority of us spend most of our days sitting.  This can impact negatively on our general health and can lead to pain.  Moving around regularly and breaking from sitting positions can help with this.  Why not try to get up every 60 minutes to have a quick stretch and a walk around the office for 2 minutes.  Breaking regularly like this can improve your comfort and increase your productivity.

  • Be more active outside of work

We can reduce the risks associated with being sedentary at work by keeping fit and active outside of work.  Where possible try and exercise regularly including a form of exercise that gets you a little out of breath to challenge your heart and lungs.  Improving our flexibility and strength can also be of benefit.

  • Ask for help

Learning about best practice for desk or workstation set up, and lifting and carrying at work can reduce your risk of experiencing problems.  Discussing any concerns you have with your line manager or a Chartered Physiotherapist can be the first step to staying fit for work.
Please forward this email on to any colleagues who you feel may benefit from this information.

Most work related injuries will improve with a combination of good advice, exercise and treatment.
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