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As April is now upon us the return to normality is fast approaching with the relaxation of restrictions from the 12th April; the staff of PhysioSW19 are all excited for the chance to see family and friends again, much like you all. In this month’s addition we will discuss the importance of your core stability muscles and how physiotherapist’s use it to assist in your rehabilitation. We will also introduce Mr. Andrew Davis a leading Orthopedic Knee Specialist at the Fortius Clinic on Worple Road.

What’s New this Month:

Core strength or 6 pack?

6 pack for show core stability for a pro! The rectus abdominus muscle (6 pack) may look good however, your core would benefit from a stronger tillväxthormon köpa Transvere Ab dominus and Internal/External obliuqes. The are your deep core muscles and are activated and rehabilitated with exercises such as pilates.

Did you know? – 80% of us will suffer with lower back pain at one point in our lifetime.

Clinical studies have proven that Pilates/core stability programmes can significantly improve a patient’s pain and disability. The core muscles (Transverse Abdominus, Obliques, Pelvic floor and, Diaphragm) act like a corset stabilising the lumbar spine and the pelvis; this can help reduce pressure on damage discs, inflamed joints and help offload tight muscles.

Pilates exercise programmes are based on the principle of a “neutral spine position” and its maintenance with various movements. The neural spine position maintains the proper alignment of the natural curves of the Cervical (neck), Thoracic (middle back) and, Lower back (lumbar).

At PhysioSW19 the clinicians will often prescribe a Pilates style exercise programme to assist with your rehabilitation. However, as an introduction please see below links to two videos performed by Charlie Bradford, our clinical lead showing you

1). How to find your neutral spine click here

2). A beginners Pilates exercise programme. Click here

Introducing Mr. Andrew Davies

Mr Davies specialises in reconstructive surgery and sports injury to the knee. His surgical interests include: ligament repair and joint replacement. Mr Davies has built up expertise in all aspects of knee reconstruction with more than 2000 ACL reconstructions and several thousand arthroscopies.

Mr Davies’ practice focuses on ligament reconstruction, all aspects of cartilage surgery, complex reconstruction including osteotomy and joint replacement including partial, complete and revision. His special interests include knee surgery, reconstructive ligament surgery, joint replacement, meniscal repair, sports injuries.

The Fortius Clinic is open for consultations, diagnosis and treatment and have introduced enhanced protective measures to maintain the highest level of patient safety.

Link to Mr Andrew Davies at the Fortius Clinic

Hip Flexor Stretch

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