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Welcome to the April Issue of PhysioSW19 Newsletter

In this month’s issue, we have 5 Key Facts for the keen Runners and Triathletes amongst you, with an important Daily Calf Stretch to prevent strain or injury to your gastric-soleus muscles. Meet our latest Team Member from Australia. Physiotherapy is a personalised service between client and therapist, so we want to hear from you about your individual experience.

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1 Overuse Injuries

… are extremely common in runners. Approximately 4 injuries will occur every 100 hours of training with 10-20% of those being stress fractures. Ensure you have a least 2 full rest days a week.

2. High Intensity Training

… on a WATT bike with a three week programme of 6-8x five minute fast efforts (rpm>90), 4 times a week can result in 5k run times improving by 1 minute, compared to running alone.

3. Ground Reaction Force

… (the force of your foot hitting the ground) with running has been calculated at approximately 2.9 times your bodyweight with every foot strike. It has also been noted to increase to 4-8 times bodyweight depending on technique.

4. Strength and Condition Programmes

… are vital to protect against the forces of running AND explosive strengthening programmes have been clinically proven to improve COMPETITIVE PERFORMANCE of middle and long distance runners.

5. Swim More!

… A study into the age-related performance decline in Ironman and triathlon competitors has shown that swimming is the first exercise to decline at an average age of 25-29. So to improve performance times SWIM more, not RUN.

Calf muscles are weight bearing muscles, so a serious amount of force is required to improve flexibility and muscle length. The best way to achieve good muscle flexibility is to stretch off a step. There are two major calf muscles, so for the:

Gastrocnemius muscle = keep your knees straight

Soleus muscle= keep your knees bent
Hold for 1 minute

We are pleased to welcome Nathan Broadhurst to the PhysioSW19 Team. Nathan has joined us from Australia and has worked extensively in a sporting background as a physiotherapist. We are excited that his expertise in treating sporting and musculoskeletal injuries can now be offered to our clients.

We value your feedback and would be grateful if you could complete this short questionnaire, so that we continue to meet your needs throughout 2017.

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