Struggling with cold weather, SAD, home working?- Pilates could be the answer.

How are you feeling post-Christmas? struggling with cold weather, SAD, home working? or you maybe feeling more positive and looking to make those health and wellbeing changes this year.

Pilates is not as stressful on the joints as other high-impact form of exercise and can build a healthier, safer, and more functionally fit lifestyle. Making Pilates an ideal choice as we age.

Pilates has no age barrier and if you haven’t exercised in a while then do not worry our fully trained instructors are on hand to take you through step by step.

It is normal to be nervous when trying something new or returning to something you haven’t done before. Some people find it helps to contact the instructor first, you can ask questions and get to know if the instructor and class is right for you first.

How can Pilates help you with everyday life? Pilates gives us 3 important things that we can use in everyday life:

Pilates is a great way of focusing your body and your mind to help you live with less limitations and can be applied to anyone.

Pilates benefits

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